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At www.planhangers.co.uk we only sell Vistaplan products. Vistaplan products encompasses a wide range of items that includes; plan hangers, plan racks, plan trolleys, plan chests, plan cabinets, plan strips and drawing boards in all sizes.

As a major distributor for Vistaplan products we are confident that you will receive the best prices available on-line with full product knowledge.

We support selling only Vistaplan products as they are UK based Company which have been established for over 50 years as leader in the production and supply Drawing Management Systems. You can be assured of a great quality product with full support available locally in the UK.

All the products supplied by Vistaplan are made in the UK to the highest standards. At the core of the Vistaplan range are the Drawing Hanger Systems, the most effective and durable plan filing system available on the market today.  6 versions of the drawing hanger are available, comprising of the A1 Drawing Hanger, the A0 Drawing Hanger and the A0 CAD Drawing Hanger all of which are available with or without a carrying handle.

Vistaplan also produce a versatile range of carrier’s to store the Vistaplan hangers, these are made up of their wall plan racks and mobile plan trolley’s.

Vistaplan’s range of plan filing cabinets comes in both vertical and horizontal solutions. The vertical plan filing cabinets are available in both metal and wood versions with different prong configurations offered to suit existing drawings already fitted with plan strips.  The horizontal plan filing cabinets are available in both metal and wood with various drawer configurations to maximise the storage of plans, drawings, maps and other large scale media.

 Vistaplan also offer bespoke systems and colours; please call us for further information.

All Vistaplan products bought from us come with a one year manufacturer’s warranty.

Vistaplan has ISO 9001 certification and UKAS accreditation.